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Privacy policy for online browser support

The privacy policy related to the client is the main concern of any browser customer support. When the site holds the proper sketch of the policy that is implemented, it makes a good impression and even helps the clients to better understand how the basic information is gathered from a particular user and how the company uses it for helping the clients. On certain pages, the company uses few tracking features for conversion and these tracking features are free. If you want to get connected for any of the technical support, the pages of the site are encoded with certain codes that are for helping us. These encoded codes help us in understanding the process that the user follow while reaching the landing page of the website.

Collection of personal information:

Basic applications and sites are the main sources of getting personal details of the clients at any browser customer support. Mainly the information is gathered when the user directly submits it or user fills the details while using the application. The basic information that is collected from the users are their name, email address and certain demographic details like birthdate, gender, preferences, education and more. For collecting information, the most used method is cookies and call recordings.

Raising Cookies:

Cookies are small files that help in collecting the personal details of the users attached along with the total time of connection with the website. The total period of connection is needed as it helps us or provides suggestions for improving the things that need to be uplifted on the site. In fact, with the help of cookies, one can end up with knowing the number of computer engagement for the site access, keeping information regarding the user’s preferences and experience personalization. At some point of time, you might not be able to work properly with the site as the browser is set as for accepting and rejecting the cookies.  

Recording of calls:

This call recording is done mainly for internal monitoring and service’s quality. The browser customer support holds the authority to record the calls. We even work as per the needs and comfort level of the customers. If a customer is not in favor of the call records or want to disconnect the call, they are free to do that.

Clauses use:

Mainly the information is needed and gathered by the technicians, for improving the overall experience of the client with the availed services from the side of a company. These personal details are also used for ensuring error-free e4xperience of the customer, package promotional information, confirmations of services, invoices, and support. This clause use even helps in the conduction of analysis to foresee the success or failure of the promotions.

Clients confidentiality upholding:

We ensure to take certain strong security measures for preventing the personal details of the users so that the details are no misused or becoming the victim of the unauthorized distraction and alterations. Our organization tries to take security measures as it is known that without company’s strong base on security zone. provides clients an opportunity for selecting the receiving of the promotional stuffs from the team of technical support by the process of filing a mail request. It is even considered as a basic part of the privacy policy.

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